Sasha Lukaszczyk

Feeling thiccc... even though I’ve been cutting... sorta...not really. Honesty hour: I’ve been sucking at this lifestyle cut. #honest #nomondaymotivation #struggleisreal ____ End of March, I started a #lifestyle cut to tighten up a bit for the #summer. I had gotten my #calories up to a great point in my off-season and felt like it was time to enter a little deficit. I added in a few cardio sessions a week and only dropped calories slightly and was doing really well till May. By that point, I lost 5️⃣ pounds and only wanted to lose a couple more. #weightloss #thic ____ I took a weeklong #diet break during my trip #abroad to Ireland. I obviously did not track #macros or lift during my time there. When I returned home, I was ready to hop back on it but I ended up getting very sick. I was knocked on my ass for a solid 2️⃣ weeks. Ever since then, I’ve been finding it hard to lose anymore weight, although I’ve been: ????????‍♀️ adding more cardio ????????‍♀️ lifting regularly ⬇️ and dropping calories further. I gained back 4️⃣ of the 5️⃣ pounds I lost and can’t drop ANY of it. #frustrated ____ I must admit, I can’t get myself to adhere to the plan as well as I was before my trip. While my lifts and #cardio have improved from the start of the cut to now... my diet has not. And you can’t out train a bad diet. #Monday-Friday I’m super on point but once the #weekend hits, I can’t stay on track. Over the past couple months, there’s seemed to be an event every ???????? single ???????? weekend ???????? . Between weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and barbecues, I’m always surrounded by celebrations and even though it’s just one day of eating off plan, that seems to set me back for the whole week and my weight never budges. ____ I’m wondering what to do. I’m stuck, worried, frustrated, and #ashamed. I keep dropping calories and running more each week with the hope that my body will start to respond again like it was a few months ago but it just won’t. I have no clue how much is my fault. Is it my 1️⃣ or 2️⃣ days of eating like an asshole a week that’s messing that much with my #progress or is it the fact that my #body is just tired with me and I need to loosen the reins? Need a little help here.
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