Casey Samsel-Torres

Almost 3 years ago I was in the same position that I am right now. Barely hanging on by points to qualify for my first @mrolympiallc - it was win 1st place or collect points to secure your place at the prestigious, historical event. I had about 10% of gas left in the tank after competing 8 times in the 3 months prior to this show in August. Four weeks to go to the “O” and this was my last chance to get the points I needed, the points I have been fighting for all year long. It came down to needing 1st or 2nd place, but I took those odds and my wild spirit down to Texas. I had nothing to lose, but an opportunity to accomplish my goal of taking the big stage in September. On show day, I popped on my sassiest color, ate an overdose of pancakes for popped muscles and stage energies, slapped a smile on my face, and swore I was leaving San Antonio that weekend happy no matter what because I had tried! I gave myself literally EVERY opportunity that year! Then I blinked. First callouts. I blinked again. Confirmation for top 3. Inhale, exhale, adrenaline shakes, memory of my Grandmother passing, my Nana being diagnosed with cancer, my previous placings, my support system, my love for what I do. Then the longest moment of my life while @ifbbprobobchick voice was slowly introducing the runner up for the evening. My heart wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. I blinked again and looked around, my eyes welling up, my ears so full of love and cheers. I won. I was surrounded by the people who not only were trying to make their way to that stage, but whom I had been competing with all year long and felt the love and support from them as well. Words cannot describe that feeling. There isn’t enough words. Leaving the San Antonio Pro happy, was now an understatement. I accomplished my goal. I was given the privilege to sign that contract, granted the opportunity to walk along side of the best in the industry, and show my love for the NPC&IFBB in its purest form, by doing what I love. I believe you CAN. You WILL. What ever your goal is, if you do not give up on it. It will not give up on you. Fight for what you love, take the opportunities in front of you, and don’t take what...
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