Monica Ellis

My 3rd pro show at 104lbs in 2016 vs my 17th pro show at 120lbs in 2019. - 3 years in between pics! The one thing I get asked about most is how I mentally got comfortable with having to put on weight, eat more and be ok with watching the scale go up. - My answer: in order to be competitive and make the changes asked of me, I was fully on board with having to watch the scale go up! I’ve always been very slender. So the challenge of having to put more muscle on this body was intriguing to me. I wanted to create more shape to my physique! I wanted to build a physique competitive enough in this sport to place. - My tips: •View change as a fun challenge. •Remind yourself the scale doesn’t have control over you or determine your worth. •Don’t compare your competition weight to anyone else. We are all built differently. •Reverse diet after each show. Your body and mind will thank you! •Be willing to try different training methods to see what your body responds to best. - Tan: @liquidsunrayz Bikini: @tmariesuits Jewelry: @glamcompjewelry Wellness: @resurgencewellness Supplements: @teamallmax - #tmariesuits #bodybuilding #transformation #glamcompjewelry #theprophysiques #liquidsunrays #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbbikinipro #allmax #teamallmax #fitchicks #girlswithmuscles #bodybuilding #health #fitness #fit #muscles #gym #workout #healthy #faith #athlete #toned #bikini
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