Leah Jaymes

Hi guys! Little mixup for today’s workout! 😁 💫 I love training one body part at a time, but it’s good to add variation to keep my muscles guessing and growing 🙌🏼 💫 There are multiple ways you can grow muscles during your workouts - ✅ Increase volume of reps and/or sets you perform during workouts ✅Decrease rest time between sets ✅Increase weight during each exercise ✅Change up your lifting routine to surprise your body ✅Train each body part multiple times per week 💫 Soo instead of doing just triceps or just back I’m training both today, which works a push muscle group (triceps) and pull muscle group (back) 💫 So many variations of exercises with just a pair of dumbbells 😎 💫 What’s everyone up to today?!
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