Happy show week to all those competing in the final show of the year! @wbff_official ✨ I will be attending this event with @bigirish_dynasty 💎 I cannot wait to see everyone shine on stage!💫 . . When i tried on my bikini by @renatamassaccesi_fabcostumes for the first time, it was a surprise I had no idea what it looked like🙊😂 Something totally different coming for 2020🔥🔥 . . . (This was not my routine or final package for stage) taken a few days before @wbff_official Worlds 2019 back in August. Working to bring a different look next year, improvement season is in full effect👊🏽 . . Coaches: @bigirish_dynasty @n8fitness @toby.harrison . . . Sound on to hear the hype commentaries😂🔉 . . #WBFF #World #Beauty #Fitness #Fashion #Glamour #Runway #Model @paul_dillett @allisondillett