. . 💥How to get 6 pack abs 💥How to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks 💥How to get that bikini bod... . . The list of headline grabbers this January (much like every New Year), are flooding our news feeds, inboxes and of course the grocery store magazine checkout isles. . . It got me to thinking about my body and why I choose to workout. What was fascinating to me was that none of my reasons for working out were represented on any of the headlines that I was reading. . . I do realize that it is difficult to have positive self talk when we are literally inundated with images and verbage that assumes the negative about our bodies. But, I KNOW that approaching fitness from a positive angle makes all the difference in the world. . . 💥 So why do I workout? . . ➡️It works as an antidepressant. ➡️It reduces stress and anxiety while adding happiness. ➡️It improves self-esteem. ➡️It maintains muscle mass and bone density. ➡️It allows ME to connect to YOU! . . There are so many reasons to workout... which brings me to ask you this...why do you workout? . . PS crazy workout today! You can join me, simply click the ⬆️UTP link in bio!⬆️ Join the crew! . . . #utp #teambunny #workout #pullups #motivation #cbtmeetsfitness