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And that’s a wrap... I had a great time in Norfolk at the #lendamurrayclassic yesterday. It’s always lovely to catch up with my iron sisters - it’s a whole new family now ???? We had a laugh backstage, we enjoyed the time together - until we see each other again. I didn’t place at this show either - but got feedback, so now I know what I need to work on. These were just the first steps in the unknown, I had to start somewhere and see how I get on. It’s a journey, it wasn’t the destination. If it had been a destination I wouldn’t have stepped on stage again as a pro. I would’ve been content with my Procard and just watched the competitions from afar. But I wanted to start this journey: it was the first step in so many ways. First pro competition, first time in the states... Could I have done better? I was really trying my best. 8 hrs flight from Bahrain to London where I spent 2 days - just to break up the long flight, then another 8 hrs London to Chicago. Driving down to the hotel in a city you’ve never been before, then a week later I competed in Chicago. I started my trip to Norfolk after that, I drove about 850 miles in 3 days - but I chose to do that so that I could see the country: and it is beautiful!!! ???? and every day on my trip I did my cardio in the morning, drove 5-7 hrs, then training/cardio, shopping for chicken and cooking in the hotel’s microwave, because I had another competition to do. I’m not complaining - I enjoyed every second of it. I felt happy and free! And now it’s a new chapter, getting back to normal and making those changes so that I can place better next year. So many changes to make: not only in my physique but in my life to stay happy and enjoy it. But that’s for another post ???? Now I’m going to enjoy some food, some rest, sleep, and look around in the cities I’m travelling to before I return to London and Bahrain. Thank you for all the support from everyone - but specifically @abe.superman who has always helped me and has been behind me throughout this journey, and my sponsors @royalmajestybh and @muscleintake_bh thank you for the continued support.
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