Megan Brower

You want to know why I never really care about your excuses? . Why my shirts say STFU on the back? . Why when.. about anyone that complains to me about their daily lives my response is USUALLY “I don’t have any sympathy for you” . Because you can make it through anything and push through everything if you want it bad enough! . I’ve felt like shit, I’ve been exhausted, I’ve worked 12hr, 15hr, and 18hr days consecutively and still got my meals, my water in, and my workouts in. . This picture was taken the other night after working 15.5 hours then still getting a workout in. Along with my cardio, all of my meals and water in. While dealing with the pain of whatever is goin on with my body. And the stress of trying to figure it out. And regular daily life stuff for me. ——————————————————— —Strive Through & Finish Undefeated— #NEVERSATISFIED —— #STAYHUNGRY ???????? • • #missionpossiblefitness #teamgainztrain #mpfgainz #gainztrainnutrition #stfu #train #trainwithmeg #fitnation #fitnessmotivation #personaltrainer #bodybuilding #lifestyle #zfg #alpha #alphafemale #girlswholift #womenwholift #beast #strivethroughandfinishundefeated #gainz #swole #jacked #shoulderday
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