Rachelle Carter

This Woman is a perfect representation of a pure genuine soul, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t experienced hardships so she “can” be that kind of person... no she made the choice to be stronger than what the world tells us.. what we even tell ourselves.. she’s in tune with her soul, she doesn’t think falling down is failure.. she sees falling down as there’s a lesson to be learned.. she’s not eager to get back up until she has an understanding of why she fell in the first place.. she most certainly isn’t going to run from it... Why turn your back and run.. when you can stay.. look at it dead on.. grow from it.. and become wiser.. so know when she stands back up.. the thought of running before would seem ridiculous.. because know, she can soar over what tried to defeat her... and move forward., help another soul face what can be overcome.. she’s strong, she’s a mom, a wife, a genuine friend, and knows her self worth as we all should! Thank you @cara_nicole_wbff_pro for being an inspiration in my life ???? ya Lady????????‍♀️ #theywillsoaronwingslikeeagles Theme Wear: @rachelle_carter @allisondillett @wbff_official - #selfworth #genuine #passion #life #love #wbff #wbffdiva #pro #costume #costumedesigner #artist #rachellecarter #unstoppable #liveyourdreams #dreambig
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