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- 2 weeks out - . For most of my life I always worried what other people think of me. At 43 years I now accept that I can’t be what other people want me to be - and I am happy just to be me. Doing what I love to do. The funny thing is that I have taught my children not to worry about the opinion of others yet struggling with it everyday. My eldest daughter and her love for art is the one who showed how it’s done. Some people find their happiness running marathons, doing CrossFit, competing in triathlons and so on. We all different. It bothered me that people judge me for what I do and even ask me why I do what I do? It’s like asking someone who runs why she trains for a marathon. People always comment how I must not have a life or how I am torturing myself. Fact is is I love what I do, it’s not torture and I have a full and happy life. So, this is me. Happy Sunday ????. . Coached by the best: @andrew_hudson83 Compete in the best: @ifbb_pro_league @champagne_productions Photo by the best: @jd.photographs . #thisisme #bodybuilding #figurecompetitor #girlswithmuscle #compprep #2weeksout #proud #photography #bnw #bnwmood
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