Lauren Taylor

Who do you surround yourself with??? • • • • You are who you hang out with. Be careful what you look for because you will often find it. Look for good, you will find it, look for bad, you will find that too. When it comes to people though, if done incorrectly, can be TOXIC. We are all imperfect. Chock full of faults, gaps, and fears. The best leaders acknowledge those shortcomings and focus on the strengths and remain patient in working together on the shortcomings that are under construction. I am an optimist who looks for the liability in everything. I continue to work on indexing towards asking myself “What is good about this person and this situation?” and then immediately look for an opportunity to go to work on the skills and more desirable outcomes where myself or the person I am working with has the gap and is “under construction”. The quality of our life and our relationships are directly related to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.
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