Cheryl Leigh-Frost

I’m currently trying to change some bad habits of mine, (getting up earlier to read, going to bed earlier, not biting my fingernails, not being late, not getting distracted when writing, sticking to my schedule, returning messages quicker etc) and ....well it’s not easy Ive realised the truth behind the saying that “all change is hard at first”. If it wasn’t difficult it wouldn’t be real change The things that are the hardest to change are the things that will make the most difference to your life I can tell you that negative thinking, feeling irrational, feeling like its too hard all is part of the change process It is supposed to be hard because it is rewriting the past patterns of our mind and our behaviours and creating new ones, that are out of our comfort zone Anyone can becomes better, leaner, more productive, happier, if you make the commitment to improve and then stay with the process consistently. Once you stick with it, your new habits/routines / behaviour will become part of your life #wwwprocompteam #procompcoach #makethechange #change #rewriteyourstory #itgetseasier #changeishard #beconsistent #dontgiveup #makethecommittment #makeadifference #bebetter #writeanewstory #getoutofyourcomfortzone #youcan #ifyouwantto #iwill #createnewhabits #makeithappen #bebetter #consistency #consistencyiskey???? #ivegotthis
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