Shelly Halstead-Sanders

. . ????I realized who I was and the game changed???? . I can’t believe I lived so many years of my life lost. Although, a bit sad of the time wasted I believe it all had to happen this way for Gods Glory to be seen. . I was lost and didn’t even know I was lost. I, like so many others was caught up in this “it’s all about me, all about success, all about my body, all about my looks, all about what others think, all about the good life” and so on and so on.. . What I’ve realized and what God has shown me is that we as “Christians” have completely forgotten his word. We have cherry picked verses to make us feel good and ignored verses that call us to be righteous and holy. . Having a true relationship with God (not the American Dream + a little God) is the best thing I’ve ever done. . He has changed my desires which I didn’t think was possible, but as I desired him my desires changed. . I share my story because just as I was lost I know others are as well. There is hope, there is real peace and there is real freedom..the answer is JESUS❤️ . We as a culture are so consumed with fitting in, our looks, being accepted, being part of the in crowd and having lots of success and money that we have lost sight of what’s important. We are a self consumed nation, 95 million selfies and videos are uploaded daily to instagram and 3.5 billion likes per day???? . We tend to be so overwhelmed with activities and goals that are NOT part of his plan that we don’t have the energy or time to be part of the ones he desires for our lives. I promise you this, his plans are better than ours❤️ . #godsplan #godsplannotmine #fitness #fitnessmotivation #musclesandcellulite #godsplan #godsword #trainer #lifecoach #womensministry #leadotherstochrist #bethelight ##childofgod #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #workout #workhard #betrue #pnwgirl
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