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Reposted from @jojo__muscle (@get_regrann) @femaleabs4life @femabs4life - Hey guys! Always question your limits. A strong and beautiful hearted man, with a clear and sorted mind and a free soul looked up to me with respect and said: „Hard work pays off. In this discipline it does.“ What I can say so far. This is true. Hard work, discipline and consistency! And this refers to training and diet. Bodybuilding is a 24 hour job 365 days of the year. I am so lucky, as I truly love hard work. Hard trainings are essential to induce certain hormone reactions and transmitter cocktails. To me this is joy. I am in love with bodybuilding! I am in love with every single detail of the way it makes me live, feel and think. The look is just a reflection of this love. It is fascinating to see the transformation on my look outside. But the truth is, it is only a reflection of the transformation of my inside and that is so much prior to me. Stay consistent! ▪️ ▪️ #bigbiceps #femalebiceps #bestrong #biceps #bicepslover #femalemuscle #femalemusclesaresexy #femalebicep #femalebicepfbblovers - #regrann
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