Ashley Marie Lakomowski

**Im a Christian, not a nun** . . . Michelangelo was known as a artist. Not a pervert. He painted nude scenes and sure some may find the nudity offensive but most appreciate the beautiful art that the artist created. . . . . That’s what bodybuilding is to me. Art. I am the sculptor. I work my butt off inside and outside the gym. From sleep, nutrition, training, cardio, steps taken daily, supplementation, water intake, sodium intake, you friggen name it I work at it and I work my butt off. I do it because I see the beauty in the struggle. I recognize physiques for the effort put into it. From deep lines, separation and muscles built. It takes hard work. Naturally you can’t present it without showing skin. My husband enjoys photography as a hobby. I always wanted to be a model ever since I was a little girl. I don’t get paid to model. Haven’t modeled for some cool magazine. But I enjoy coming up with things with my significant other. I love trying to present it in a flirty, tasteful and artistic way. I’m happy and enjoy it. That’s why I do what I do. . . . . Point is, you can’t please everyone. But you’ll never be happy until you stop trying to.
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