Ashley Sneathen

This is my 18 week transformation from my last day in offseason on November 30 to April 12 right before competing at the St. Louis Pro. This has been by far my most successful and smoothest prep yet and I give 100% credit to that because of my offseason. I never talked much in detail about what I was doing prep wise because what I do and have done will only work for ME. My carbs and fats never got completely cut, I was doing 2 refeed meals per week all the way up until the shows, cardio never got past 60 minutes and only ever did fasted cardio the day before the show. Even though my body fat was higher in the offseason, I was still eating 6 meals per day, still training 6 days per week but I was NOT doing any cardio at all. I don't worry about my weight or body fat percentage... I'm always thinking about the bigger picture and how I want to look on stage 6-7 months from now. I simply allow my body to go where it feels comfortable! I believe in using cardio appropriately and for me that's only when I start contest prep as a tool to get the level of conditioning I desire. Getting your body down to ultra low body fat is no easy task and this is the first time I can say we've successfully done that WITHOUT even the slightest sacrifice of muscle tissue. When you stay consistent in your offseason, you set yourself up for a smooth transition into prep. The same works as now I'm transitioning back into offseason. It's going to take me awhile to reverse just as it took me to get into contest shape. I get asked a lot what percentage of this and that is required and it's 100% training, 100% cardio and 100% nutrition. And perfectly executing all 3 every single day. This is the end of this chapter and I'm already writing the next ?? A major thank you to @shaneheugly for his guidance and patience as we peaked for 5 shows this year! There is no way I could've done this without him! Can't wait to see what's next ☺️
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