Aspen Rae

There have been a ton of changes in my life over the past three years. Mentally and physically. But since this post features my booty, I’ll talk more about the physical 😝 One of the biggest challenges for me to grow, have always been my legs and butt. Making them grow has been a much greater struggle than compared to my upper body. In 2014 I had gotten into lifting weights; but still obsessed over cardio, and I had no idea how to diet. The “calories burned” screen in the treadmill pretty much dictated my day. How I felt, and how much I would eat. 🍎 Currently, I’m deep into growth (off) season. Still doing cardio maybe 5X a week, and focusing on eating higher carbs in leg day to better promote muscle growth. 💪🏼 ✨🌟Lots of work to do before I step on stage again!🌟✨
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