Stacey Cummings

Still can't get over the hellacious arm pump I had yesterday 😳 arms be sha-shakin!! I upped my sodium intake this past week which has been a game changer. Muscles are getting pumped, full and everything else is staying tight & getting tighter 👌🏻 this was probably the best pump I've had in 3 months 😂 Probably one of things I struggle with the most during prep is not being able to get a good pump in the gym, those weeks when you're carb depleted and tired. It can be discouraging to me at times because I LIVE for da PUMP 💪🏼 seriously though it's one of the best feelings ever! Looking forward to back day tomorrow 😈. ✯✯✯✯ #SundayFunday #ThrowBack #ArmPump #PumpSoReal #PumpShakes #4WeeksOut #IFBBSanAntonioPro #FlexingLadies #FeelingStrong
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