Gentry Manley

To the One who turns rejection into redirection, no matter the outcome - all the glory goes to God!????????⚡️????????Despite what many of you may think, these type of posts are always the hardest for me to find the best words to somehow summarize yet another leg of this fitness journey I’m on where I’ve fallen short of the main goal. I missed my Pro card again this past weekend, but I can assure you I have already and will continue to learn and take away the lessons I needed to pick up on this stop. I don’t believe this life is about how quickly you can get to a goal, but more so what type of person you become throughout the process. It’s ironic how we all want to be our best, be THE best, and/or continuously level up in some way, all the time. We envision how we want things to turn out, but many times life gives a different outcome. I wish I could say I brought my absolute best, but I know I didn’t. I knew at about 2 weeks out that my body was pretty much just done with me ???? putting it through the ringer to keep pushing the limits like I was, but I continued hoping it would all somehow come together. I’m extremely happy with my effort, and my “refuse to quit” mentality.... but my conditioning and sharpness on stage just simply wasn’t there. “Learn to rest, not quit.” I love bodybuilding, but thankfully it is not my sole life purpose... I’m going into a much needed “off-season”, but I’ll be back up there in due time ???????? - Thank you to @kdecon and @cdecon for putting together a solid plan for the 5 weeks leading up to this show. I really believe we did the best we could given how my body was responding that last bit there ???????? - I always believe it’s best to give credit where it’s due, so I also want to thank @mrhyde_xfarmy for helping me make the most progress in the shortest period of time (about 5 months) to finally at least get the size I needed to fill out my 5’10 frame then leaning me down to an extremely impressive package with fullness. - Suit: @foxcompetitionbikinis Jewelry: @vandellacostumes Makeup: @beautybykellym Hair: @britt_the_builder_ifbbpro Undercut: @flytyonair Tan: @liquidsunrayz @showtanningprofessionals @brookseylove Skincare sponsor: @fittnflair_ifbbpro
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