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Life Update: Now that it’s been a couple weeks since surviving the awfulness of a ruptured hemorrhaging ovarian cyst ((swipe to see how far i’ve come ????????)), I wanted to talk about the recovery process & the help that my @SteadyMD doctor has given me. ✨ — I don’t have insurance so having a doctor I could get in touch with asap to go over my symptoms and decide if it was an emergency situation or not before I went and blew all my savings in the ER... was the most comforting thing possible. @leahrobertsmd helped me stay calm and collected and gave me a game plan on what would help manage the pain until I could get in for some scans at my regular OBGYN. ???????? So thankful! ???????? — @SteadyMD is a great resource for when things like this come up. I’m able to text, call, or video chat with my doctor whenever I have a question. They will either diagnose over the phone and prescribe meds when necessary OR help me navigate whether or not to go to urgent care/see a specialist/etc. AND after the fact, they can help with any follow-ups and suggestions long-term. ????‍⚕️ — Click the link in my bio or visit to get started with your personal online doctor! #strengthfromstruggle
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