Manu Figueiredo

Let me praise women???? . There are so many in my circle that I don’t even know where to start; the business minded, the entrepreneurs, the full time mothers, medicine women, and... . The bodybuilders- women who choose to show their inner strength physically and go against many who called it masculine or like my mother once said “bizarre”. Did I get upset? No! She has never been around the bodybuilding era and instead of an angry response I simply laughed and said “love you mom, you don’t need to get it...” . Bodybuilding is not for everyone - it’s not meant to be liked by everyone but it should be respected as people’s interest and passion. When someone asks me what my passion is I always respond SPORTS & FITNESS Why? They bring people together, build character, build confidence, build friendships, and teach each and every athlete that LOSING is part of WINNING. Ronnie and Juliana, the best bodybuilders alive in my opinion, have lost several times before crushing everyone years after years. Who else in your life do you know that takes LOSING as a motivation as better as an athlete?! I bet very few. . So here it go, I respect every single women who dominate their world, no matter what it is,but this right here is a special celebration to my #athletes ones ! #repost @amandinha1 . . . . #womensphysiquepro #ifbbpro #musclecontestinternational #femalebodybuilding #womensphysique #arnoldclassic #culturismo #fisiculturistas
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