Kathleen Erickson

Called world gym last night to check if the hot water was working; I was told it was fixed and would work in the morning... my ass gets up at 250am, get to the gym at 345 and wanted to verify so I asked the guy working the front... he said it hadn’t been fixed and the hot water wasn’t working. Oooh man, get someone with minimal sleep, hyped up on caffeine super early in the morning and ready to workout that the water still wasn’t fixed after I was told it was. I was amped uppppp!!! Lmfao, I know I’m high maintenance sometimes but after a freezing shower yesterday, I started to feel a little sick and wasn’t about to do it again. I left and went to PF ???? had a kickass chest workout and hit cardio on the stepper. Still a good morning! Hope everyone has a good day!
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