I don’t usually train arms but when I do I usually add tricep dips in the mix. Yesterday was a very active day for me since I taught 1 hour of BODYCOMBAT in the AM and 1 hour in the PM (not regularly) so I trained bis and tris. My workout yesterday consisted of: BICEPS: light to heavy DB curls w/supination for 5 sets TRICEPS: Dips 3 sets 20 reps, 12 reps, reps BICEPS: Seated Nautilis machine single curl. 3 sets 50lbs TRICEPS: Seated overhead straight bar extension BICEPS: DB hammer curls 15lbs x 3 sets TRICEPS: Cable rope press down Give this a go!!!! * I don’t own rights to this music #Vbeast #ifbbpro #AIG #alphairongym #trainwiththepros