Here is our Turkey Turkey post Thanksgiving feast conditioning workout this week on @dynamicpursuit Training Plans🦃! Put those extra calories to work this weekend with some big lifts or a tough metcon! 💪🏼🔥 Let me know if you do this one 👇🏼 400m Run or Row (40) Air Squat (30) Sit Ups (20) Burpees (10) Push Ups 1 Min Plank (10) Push Ups (20) Burpees (30) Sit Ups (40) Air Squat 400m Run or Row (I subbed sit ups for dead bugs because I get coning of my diastasis on sit ups) Everything in my store is marked down today!!! 25% off E-book Programs like Core Construction and Return to Weightlifting postpartum plans, and 40% off my merch!! 🤍🤍🤍