WARNING: DEEP POST🙌... If you read it through, please leave your thoughts and/or personal experiences below🙏🙏 ————————————————— This is what I have to tell myself every day as I work toward my goals: It means nothing to be “competitive”, “driven”, “all or nothing”, “fiercely focused”, “all heart”, “give it all I’ve got”... If it is for just ONE DAY. We can all be those things on the day we “show up”. The ones who own those things in the weeks, days, months, and YEARS leading up to the day they “show up” tend to recover much more quickly from defeat. Defeat does not become “okay” by any means; however, the prize at the finish line is not necessary to compensate for any lack of effort. On the flip side, those who wait until the day they show up to have all the feelings and emotions NEED the prize to validate worth. The KEY for me is to ALWAYS go in WANTING it and having ALL the feelings EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. With that, defeat is not “accepted”; rather, it is “absorbed” and used as fuel. WIN, LOSE, or DRAW... The question is, did you “WIN”, “LOSE”, or “DRAW” in the days, weeks, months, and YEARS leading UP to the day you “showed up”? Sorry for getting so deep lately... I’m just getting in my zone here. This is my diary, source of expression, and amazing platform to manifest my energy TO and FROM the universe ✊👊💥💫 ————————————————— **NEW** pants 👖—> www.blessedbodywear.com; use CODE: Fortino ————————————————— @cyberbodyshop #teamcyberbodyshop #successrequiresobsession #asf2019 #winningeveryday