I am sharing a little “snippet” of my 2nd episode for my “Road to the Figure International 2019”; which will be featured on @maximummusclereport —> www.maximummusclereport.com I’m not up on the “athlete” section yet, but when I am, I plan to share so much with everyone (it’s free of course!). I share the same vision as @maximummusclereport in the world of fitness and bodybuilding... And that is to give back as much as I possibly can to this industry. I have personally absorbed so much from so many wonderful teachers over the years, and I believe that is how we all continue to evolve and “grow” together (slight pun intended💁‍♀️😜). I’ll keep you posted!!!! Stay tuned 🎶 😬🙆‍♀️ ————————————————— Gym 🏋️‍♀️: @metroflex_oceanside @cyberbodyshop #teamcyberbodyshop #successrequiresobsession #winningeveryday #figureinternational #asf2019 ———————————————————————— PANTS 👖: @blessedbodywear 😍. You can go to www.blessedbodywear.com, and use my CODE: fortino 🙏🙏