#throwback Saturday to the night before one of my previous contests... I had not seen this before because it was in @coachmattallen's phone. I look at these videos and photos and sometimes think💭, "Is that ME?..." The human body is simply amazing. I have been fascinated about its capabilities ever since I can remember... It's time to get that fire from within SERIOUSLY firing now!!! I have become aware of a phenomenon that I'm sure everyone can relate to... That phenomenon is that if I "mess up" with my goals on any given day (training/nutrition/focus/etc), I wake up the next day questioning my abilities. I question what I am capable of achieving, and wonder if sometimes I "belong" at the top. I can try and convince myself that my mind is so strong that I simply never doubt myself, but that would not be true. In the same token, I think that the ONLY way to get to the top is to have these doubtful moments and come out of each one a little wiser... I mean, the feeling of inadequacy is an ongoing part of our journey as long as we continue to shoot for goals without stagnation. With that said, the lesson here (for me) is to be honest with myself and realize that it is not that I am questioning my capabilities to ACHIEVE... On the contrary, I am questioning my capabilities to EXECUTE and "show up" so to speak. In other words, my self-doubt comes from me questioning if I can "do it". And from THERE, I just WAKE UP and DO THE DAMN THING! I'm talking, step-by-step, one foot in front of the other, and GO!! There is not one person who can, "you got this!," "keep it up!," "Don't give up!" This this into me. At the end of the day, we all get to this point in which we just have to RUN before we can walk. The "go" has to precede the motivation more often than not. It is not coming from anywhere but deep within our own hearts and souls... So, if you are like me, then don't let an "off" day be an excuse to doubt yourself... As the old saying goes, "It's not YOU, it's ME..." However, in this case, we need to say that line while looking in the mirror👀🙌 @cyberbodyshop #teamcyberbodyshop #successrequiresobsession #winningeveryday #figureinternational #asf #asf2019