5 days before my pro card this year. . . Three shows this year. I was absolutely exhausted mentally and physically by this point. I had to make some tough decisions in my life that I believed was 100% necessary to achieve my dream. I had to say no to people. Say goodbye to people. Hermit myself. Take off work. Everything. And that shit can cause fear. But the fear of failing was so much greater that any fear of sacrifice just didn’t matter. 2 “losses” in my eyes in shows before motivated me so hard to push differently. I think I broke down and cried and almost gave up so many times this year. But I knew that would lead me no where. So I got up and did one thing. Strategize. What do I need to do differently? . . It’s the CHOICES you make and your confidence in those choices that leads you where you want to be. Don’t doubt yourself, your choices, your path when it’s built around what you want to accomplish. 5 days after that I became an IFBB Pro. And I remember crouching down in tears right after receiving my trophy being thankful for yes the success, but for the valleys before that lead me to the decisions to my success. There must be loss sometimes to redirect you to success. . . @houseofpaingymchesterfield #myroadtopro #nevergiveup #houseofpain #npcuniverse #ifbbpro #figure #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #girlswhocompete #bodybuilding #fitness #fitnessmotivation #workout #workhard #train #trainhard #pushyourself #chooseyourdream #workforit