Today was a day. Not one that I was happy about but one that I was given nonetheless. My placement has me at the bottom of what some of you would say a “stacked class”. It wasn’t stacked. This class was beatable and average at best. I still placed bottom half with that said. I’m not looking for sympathy or for the “you got screwed” card. I got what I was given. This is a subjective sport and nobody forces us to do this. We can step away at any time. I won’t be stepping Away any time soon. With that said, as Cliché as this sounds, if you are not patting me on my back when I do poorly please go sit the fuck down when I win. You know who you are. You know that your presence is solely based off people’s success. If you can’t cheer for me during my loses I sure as hell won’t acknowledge you during my victories. #fakes #noshine