Whatever your goal, especially fat loss, you want to be able to make the smallest changes possible to elicit a response. Our body is designed to do simply survive. It doesn’t care about how we look. So when pursuing fat loss, you want to force the body to adapt and force fat loss. If you have been consistently doing hours of cardio or intense training for months, your body has now become so efficient at those movements that it’s now like a stroll in the park. Your body doesn’t need as much energy to perform those activities than when you first starting. Let’s say for example, instead of burning 500 Calories in an hour run, your body only needs 150 Calories to perform the same workout because your body has become so efficient at it. So now you’re stuck at either doing even MORE cardio to see fat loss. I am NOT saying to do this. I’m saying there is a better option here. Fat loss doesn’t need to equal countless hours on the cardio machines or crazy low Calories…and it shouldn’t. Especially when done correctly.👊🏼 #AcerboNutrition #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #nutritioncoach #nutrition #training #fatloss #transformation #musclebuilding #gym #fitnessmotivation